Alex Shinder

I would like to submit a testimonial. This is long overdue as it relates to something that happened 12 years ago but we have just started taking Natren again at the request of my kids. My kids also suggested that I recount a remarkable story. We had this nutty nutritionist who insisted we did the whole Natren thing which to do properly is quite an effort for a family of 5. Natren he insisted was the best probiotic; the powder was better to take than the capsule and the three separately at least half an hour before meals which meant Bifido in the morning etc. it was not something we felt we could keep up forever besides the inconvenience it wasn’t cheap particulalry in Europe.

Anyway we did keep it up – including refrigerating the probiotics while travelling including on holiday to Tuscany where we stayed with our young kids at a resort villa with other families with similar aged kids. there must have been about 50 guests. All went well for a few days in the lovely summer sun but then came the Lurgi. Everybody in the resort started to come down with a stomach bug. It was the type of bug that left you wanting to die as quickly as possible to get over the pain. Our entire family was completely immune from it and we were the only ones. We explained to everybody we were on Natren and I would guess that provided a boost to sales. In any event it should now if anyone bothers to read this