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Introducing our new performance packaging – WoolCool…

We are delighted to announce an upgrade in our cold shipped packaging. We have replaced the thermos packaging with a new innovative and eco-friendly packaging called WoolCool – 100% Pure Sheep’s wool. Why Woolcool? Woolcool insulation is made using 100% sheep’s wool. The Wool is sustainable, compostable and due to the Wool’s superior insulative properties, more effective than other solutions at keeping contents consistently colder for longer. This biodegradability means that at the end .

Prescription and OTC Drugs and Your Microbiome – New research shows it’s not just antibiotics to blame for dysbiosis

You’re probably already aware that certain antibiotics can upset your gut microbiome, i.e. the makeup of bacteria and other microorganisms in your intestines. That’s why physicians now recommend replenishing beneficial bacteria by taking probiotics during and after antibiotic treatment. What you might not know, however, is that other prescription and non-prescription medications can also affect the bacterial balance in your gut. Indeed, several common prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs could raise your risk of .

Microbiome as Medicine – Why Your Environment and Your Gut Matter More than Genetics

It used to be thought that our genes were our fate, but a lot has changed in recent years, particularly in the field of nutrigenomics and epigenetics. In fact, new research suggests that your health and happiness could depend more on your microbiome than your DNA, and that instead of being inherited, your microbiome is more influenced by your environment than by your genes. Your genes and your gut For years, the general view .