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Boost your Immune System - During Flu & Virus Season!

Boost your Immune System - During Flu & Virus Season!

The cold months are still upon us.  The temperatures in many places are still cold. Let’s not underestimate the importance of boosting your immunity during flu & virus seasons.

You may have heard your parents or grandparents telling you to stay out of the cold so you don’t get sick. Maybe these words have even come out of your own mouth!

There are plenty of myths around weather and getting sick. A big one that we can debunk for you: forgetting a jacket when it’s cold is more likely to get you sick. Nope! A jacket won’t make a difference. You can even go outside with wet hair without increasing your chances of an illness.

But before we’re too quick to say all the cold weather warnings are an urban legend...there is growing evidence to show that cold temps do make you more likely to get sick.




1. You’re inside more.

When the temperatures drop, most of us spend less time outside. Not only that but we also keep our windows closed more often. Both of these decisions increase our chances of catching an illness from someone else because of the close proximity and lack of circulation.


2. Cold air actually affects our body’s likelihood of taking in germs.

There’s some evidence that breathing cold air makes your nose more likely to be affected by germs, as compared to breathing warmer air. This is because blood vessels near the skin’s surface narrows in the cold, so the nose may be less able to filter out infections.


3. When the temperature drops, different microorganisms come through the environment - and we’re not used to these ones.

They make us more likely to get sick. The good news is there are steps we can take to combat this.


Natren makes a wide range of precision probiotic products to support immunity, and the body’s changing needs through each season.

Instead of looking for a cure when you get sick, focus on prevention first. Natren’s probiotics deliver the right bacteria that support an optimised immune system.


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