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Shall I take a probiotic every day?

Shall I take a probiotic every day?

Today we are going to BUST A MYTH we hear a lot!


The myth is:
You don’t have to take a probiotic every day.


If you’ve heard that probiotics are only needed when you’re constipated, taking antibiotics, or feel like your digestion needs a kick-start, you’re missing a tremendous amount of value from probiotics.





Here’s the truth: every day we eliminate billions of bacteria, on average.

Bacteria is continuously being flushed out of our systems, so if we are not replacing that good bacteria every day, we’re running on a deficit. A lack of good bacteria is a big problem, to put it as simply as possible.

Your intestines are going to be lined with bacteria no matter what… how much of that bacteria is good, and how much of it is bad, is within your control. When you take the right precision probiotics every day, they allow your intestines to be lined with the essential beneficial bacteria that act as a defense against the ‘bad guys'.





Did you notice we said “when you take THE RIGHT…” probiotic?


Don’t underestimate how important this is. A run-of-the-mill store-bought probiotic can be useless in supporting your health. Natren precision probiotics, on the other hand, are truly the quality that your digestive system and immune system need. Our final reason for telling you to take your probiotics every day: stress causes the production of chemicals within your body that can weaken your immune health.


For those of us who are under more stress than ever, keeping a balanced gut microbiome is even more important.

This is how we optimise our chances of staying healthy.