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Introducing our new performance packaging - WoolCool...

Introducing our new performance packaging - WoolCool...
We are delighted to announce an upgrade in our cold shipped packaging. We have replaced the thermos packaging with a new innovative and eco-friendly packaging called WoolCool – 100% Pure Sheep’s wool.

Why Woolcool?

Woolcool insulation is made using 100% sheep’s wool. The Wool is sustainable, compostable and due to the Wool’s superior insulative properties, more effective than other solutions at keeping contents consistently colder for longer. This biodegradability means that at the end of the liner’s life, the Wool component can be returned to the soil, where it decomposes, releasing valuable nutrients into the ground. We are often asked “how can I keep my products chilled while travelling”, with our new WoolCool packaging you can keep it and reuse it, just wrap your products in the packaging and it will maintain your probiotics viability, until you can put them in the fridge again.

Express Shipping

In addition to the new Woolcool packaging we will continue to add an ice pack with each order and use the fastest delivery services available.

How does Woolcool keep contents cool?

Wool fibres are incredibly effective at absorbing moisture from the air which minimises humidity and condensation to maintain stable temperatures. The recyclable food grade wrap which encloses the wool in Woolcool is micro-perforated to allow the fibres to breathe and create the natural cooling system.

Where does Wool come from?

  Woolcool only use 100% sheep wool. As an ethical and environmentally responsible business, they are very sensitive to the welfare of animals and in particular sheep, from which their amazing, sustainable insulated packaging material is made. We have a lot to thank the Sheep for! Adult Sheep of breeds which have continuously growing wool need to be sheared for welfare reasons. Shearing can only be carried out by a licensed shearer to ensure that the sheep is handled carefully. Woolcool do not use pulled wool.


Woolcool has been independently proven to keep pharmaceuticals within the critical temperatures range. With qualified performance from 24hrs to over 120hrs.

Wool is an amazing insulator, independent tests consistently prove that Woolcool outperforms conventional insulated packaging on every level.

How does the Wool get from the Sheep to Woolcool?

After being sheared, all of the Wool is washed and scoured in the UK to ISO standard. All Wool sourced is heat treated and no harsh cleaning chemicals are used. The wool goes through a series of hot baths where it is washed and scoured using only hot water and a mild detergent. It then goes through industrial dryers. This process means that the wool is both clean and suitable to use with food and does not carry any nasty chemicals!    

Yes, it smells like Wool…

Questions around the smell are usually linked to worries about cleanliness and linking the smell to toxins etc. Wool is washed and scoured to ISO  standards to ensure cleanliness. Woolcool perform monthly tests to ensure it is completely clean and free of any toxins. As with any material/object, man made or natural, it has its own smell. To remove the smell they would have to add chemicals, which would negate the natural product and could potentially damage the fibres. Of course, we love the smell, as what better way is there to prove it is 100% natural?!

Can I reuse/recycle Woolcool?

There are a number of ways you can recycle/reuse the wool liners including:-

·      Picnic hampers

·      Hanging baskets

·      Pet baskets

·      Cushion stuffing

·      Homework projects

·      Donation to homeless or animal shelters

·      Pipe lagging ·      Draught excluders ·      Protection for plants/trees from frost ·      Feeding roses and keeping slugs off plants ·      Keeping takeaways warm ·      Keeping drinks/food cold on the beach ·      Craft projects ·      Van/Car lining ·      Pads for gardening
Woolcool are open to any other suggestions too! If you have any new and inventive ways of reusing the wool, post these on social media using #letsboxclever #natren If you aren’t looking to re-use the Woolcool liners, simply remove the plastic liner, this can be put in with the standard plastic recycling, then just put the wool liner into either a compost bin (if available) or dig into the soil in the garden, as the wool will release valuable nitrates back into the soil as it breaks down. Some local authorities will accept the wool in household garden waste bins, it is just a matter of checking with the local council to find out what recycling facilities are available in your area. Even if the wool ends up in the general waste, it will break down in landfill  within 6-12 months, never to be seen again. Just in the last year alone, Woolcool prevented the equivalent of 75 Olympic sized swimming pools full of polystyrene from going to landfill.